Refractory Installation & Repair

Refractory Installation & Repair 

Offered Through Heat Treating Services Unlimited, Inc.




As a full-service, turnkey operation, Heat Treating Services Unlimited, Inc. (HTSU) performs all types of refractory installations and emergency repair services. Fast and professional, our team provides all the necessary labor and material to rebuild or repair refractory in Thermal processing equipment.

HTSU's refractory experience includes batch, rotary retorts, rotary hearth, cast and mesh belts, pit furnaces, pushers, generators, and many other types of equipment.


Refractory Services

  • Salt Bath Furnaces
  • Aluminum Heat Treat Furnaces
  • Low Temperature Ovens
  • Batch & Pit Furnaces
  • Pusher Furnaces
  • Temper Furnaces
  • Rotary Furnaces 

Refractory Materials

  • Soft & Hard Brick
  • Insulation Modules
  • Insulation Blanket
  • Gasket Materials
  • Ceramic Insulating Board
  • Graphite Foil
  • Flex Shield
  • Moly & Tungsten Products

The HTSU refractory crew is well versed in reconstruction and updating older refractory models. We can provide new materials, furnace patch ups or even structural rebuilds for aging refractories. From new models to reconstruction, HTSU’s refractory team can help ensure the longevity and efficiency of your thermal processing equipment.


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